Safety Harness Checklist



If a worker is required to wear a safety harness for protection, verify the following.

Checklist Yes / No
1. Has the worker completed an MOL-approved Working at Heights training course? Is the training up-to-date? Is their proof of training available?
2. Has the worker inspected their CSA-approved body harness and lanyard before use as per the proper inspection and maintenance procedure?
3. Is the worker wearing the harness properly?
4. Has the worker been assigned an energy-absorbing lanyard for personal use?
5. Has the worker been assigned an approved travel restraint or lifeline rope for personal use?
6. Does the worker have a rope grab for personal use?
7. Does the worker have a personal lifeline/travel restraint anchored to a solid and approved anchor'?
8. Does the worker have a rope grab attached to the rope and positioned in the correct direction?
9. Does the worker have a lanyard that is properly attached to the rope grab and to the centre D-Ring on the back of the safety harness?
10. Does the worker have a rope grab positioned so as to restrict them from being within 300mm of any edge, and/or is the rope grab positioned on the vertical lifeline above the worker to restrict the length of the fall to 0.6 metres as required by the Construction Projects regulation (213/91)?

NOTE: If all the answers to all these questions are not Yes, “STOP” work until they are.

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