Fall Protection Plan & Working at Heights Rescue Plan

Site description

Site Address:
Start/Finish Date:
Site Description:
Work Area:


Site-specific fall hazards

Max. Height:
Proximity to high voltage power lines:
Ground cover/hazards:


Types of fall protection that will be utilized

  • Fall Arrest
  • Travel Restraint
  • Work Positioning
  • Permanent Guardrails


Equipment to be utilized and inspected before use

  • Rigid Rail C profile
  • Vertical Fall Arrestor
  • Twin energy absorbing lanyards
  • Full body harness (A, L, P minimum)
  • Adjustable Work positioning lanyard
  • Descent Rescue Kit
  • Ladders
  • Suspension trauma straps
  • Helmet with integrated chin strap


Emergency Information

Cell phone coverage?:
Hard-Line coverage?:
911 system functional w/ cell phone?:
On site radio for tower ground crew available?:
Is rescue crew trained in tower rescue procedures and immediately available?:
Local Hospital:


Minimum pre-work safety discussion prior to start of work climbing in Communication Tower

  • First aid attendant/kits/equipment/911
  • Breaks/hydration
  • Washrooms
  • Review rescue plan
  • PPE user inspections/form completion
  • Pre-work stretches
  • Muster point
  • Job Hazard/Safety Analysis


Standard operating procedures - Pre Climb

  • Workers must have MOL Working at Heights training at all times OR accompanied and supervised by a working at heights/rescue lead communication tower specific.
  • Rescue kit must be present
  • User inspection of PPE will be preformed
  • Review Hazards and Control measures (JSA)
  • Minimum PPE for climbing in the tower will consist of a CSA approved:
    • Full body harness (minimum class A, L, P)
    • Work positioning lanyard
    • Twin energy absorbing lanyard (12 ft free fall)
    • Helmet with integrated chinstrap
    • Ladder fall arrester
    • Safety boots Safety glasses and gloves
* Rescue Device also serves as Evacuation Device (CSA certified for Controlled Descent)


Standard Operating Procedures

  • All workers are to follow all site safety rules
  • Worker at no time will be free climbing the tower. 100% tie off will be mandatory, utilizing the inspected fall protection PPE
  • Do not climb under another climber on the ladder unless a rescue is being performed
  • Fall protection will be utilized at all times when in the tower


Rescue Procedures for a Worker (Rescue Plan)

  1. Co-workers/Supervisor will initiate or delegate 911 call and meeting of EMS outside of tower
  2. Rescue will be completed by trained workers using the A Descent Rescue Device.
    Note: Workers trained in Working at Heights and Rescue are trained to perform rescues and evacuations in tower using approved Rescue Device.
  3. First Aid will be performed until EMS arrives on site
  4. Secure work site for subsequent accident investigation

Notes - Any damages, safety concerns or repairs will be reported immediately.


Worker Sign-off

Please download and sign the acknowledgement form. Once done, please upload the signed form below: