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We are your full end-to-end solution for all your “FTTx” needs. From “Access Agreement” and “Technical Assessment Documentation”, “Design and Permitting”, all the way to full “Fiber-to-the-premises” services. We are your one stop shop for a full turnkey solution.
Below is a list of our services in the FTTX industry:

Design and Permitting

Designing the right FTTx architecture ensures our customers the right activities required for the right FTTx implementation. Our FTTx design engineering services provide practical designs for FTTx networks and infrastructure including Permitting and Project Management.


Directional Drilling

We install underground utilities with superior accuracy on depth and on hitting our target exit. Our fleet of Vermeer D20X2253 and D23X30S drills, each linked to its own dedicated bore rig equipped with a Vermeer MX125 mixing system. This enables us to bore, ream, and pull back a variety of products to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Vac Truck Operations

Our fleet of vac trucks equipped with trained and experienced operators and drivers who expertly perform all the sensitive excavation operations our clients require.


Cable Pulling

We have the equipment and materials to satisfy all your cable pulling needs.
We can rod and rope and pull cables through new and existing conduits.
We can open trench and direct bury, as required.


Conduit Pulling

Our technicians can pull various sizes of conduit, either singly or in multiples.
We use torpedoes to run small conduits and cables in delicate situations to avoid excess damage and costly restorations.


Cutting and Coring

With industry-leading expertise and specialized equipment, we can tackle any concrete cutting job.
We get the job done with the smallest possible footprint, minimizing disturbance in what can all too often be an overtly disruptive operation.
Our attention to detail ensures that we always comply with industry standards and leave a clean, professionally restored site.



We can break into and restore existing duct banks.
We are always careful to support existing utilities associated with manhole work.
We have the tools and people to install precast as well as cast-in-place manholes.



We strive to restore streets, sidewalks, and grass disturbed by excavation to their original states or better.
We complete restoration work quickly and to a high standard in compliance with all specifications.
We insist on the highest quality materials for hard and soft surface restoration, including seed, sod, backfill, concrete, u-fill and asphalt.


Fiber and Copper Splicing

Our splicing teams provide exceptional expertise and customer service.
Our technicians receive extensive training and on-site experience and can handle projects of any size on customer-driven timelines.
Our state-of-the-art equipment is suitable for both underground and aerial applications.


Fiber to the Home

Our technicians have fiber optic knowledge and skills that can be applied to almost any fiber drop job, including drops to homes, MDUs, and businesses.
Our detail-oriented technicians ensure proper connectivity and site restoration.



We ensure the highest quality products by testing to customers’ requirements.
We perform uni-directional, bi-directional, Ruby, Live Fiber Identification, OTDR, and Power-loss tests.
We can also assist with trouble shooting, as required.


Health and Safety

Our Health and Safety policy is designed to protect employees, the public, and visitors from the risk of injuries as a result of being exposed to safety hazards on our worksites.
Our standard practice is to analyze all hazards associated with our workspace and to attempt to eliminate them at the source.
We ensure that all personnel receive appropriate safety training and remain current through on-going training.
We ensure that our equipment is properly maintained.
We follow all federal, provincial, and local safety laws, regulations, and requirements.



Our teams are ready to complete any emergency task when and where our services are required.


Quality Control

We maintain the strictest standards to ensure you receive the best job results possible.
Our personnel have the experience and training to consistently provide quality work.
We use the appropriate tools and equipment to achieve the highest quality results.
We use only quality products that meet or
surpass our customers’ specifications.



Our office provides dedicated leadership, engineering expertise, and administrative precision.
On-site team leaders direct and monitor all aspects of day-to-day operations.
Communication is important to us –between the field and the office and always with our customers.