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MGI C-1 We’re working with a number of Datacenters located on a number of continents. We have made our custom shared web hosting system for the ever–demanding web sites and web apps. It was designed to keep applications, emails and databases on a variety of machines instead of just 1, which means you never ever become impacted by server overload problems!

We have got made a new method for doing routine maintenances with the aim to lower ensuing downtimes. Also, we have got amplified our network bandwidth to 10 Gbps, which means significantly better server connectivity and hence superior rates for your personal web sites.

MGI-C8 “Secured Managed Data Center Services for the International Gaming industry”.
A Secured Online Gaming Managed Services Company, from Consulting and Facilitation, Guided Licensing for Gaming Activity by an authorized commission to Managed Services Operations.
Partnering with one of the first jurisdictions in the world to recognize the opportunities afforded by the interactive gaming industry.

MGI-C8 is your catalyst of growth in Gaming Law and Regulation, Consulting and Secured Datacenter Managed Services. Offering security and the understanding of international laws. Guided Licensing and Legal Council. A full suite of solution for the gaming industry.

MGI-C15 is Canada’s premier provider of flexible data center services. Designed to support the demanding hybrid requirements of today, C15 brings together the ideal services to meet each customer’s unique needs. Flexible, cost effective and delivered from a rock-solid data center – we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Take a look at some of the solutions we have developed to help our customers overcome business challenges. We thrive on helping customers figuring out solutions and enabling them to focus on their core business. From the mundane where we provide local IT support to our International customers to some of the extensive solutions described below, we are here to help!


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